A Pill Too Big

A simple, small glass of water resting on a brown table surface. To the right are two white pills,.

Here — Here! Take this
Take it.
You are sick, very sick.
Be quiet, I said be quiet.
We know what you need.
Trust us, you can’t trust yourself.
Here — Here! Take this
Take it, now. I said — now!
You are sick, very sick.
I see this all the time;
Your experience is not unique.
Do as I say or we are done!
Here — Here! Take this
Don’t make me repeat!
You are sick, so very sick.
A vitamin, medicine, something good for you.
Please, I listened well before — now you listen to me!
You believe based on the now; the now is wrong.
Here — Here! Take this
Open up or we will make you!
You are sick; deathly ill.
What you hear, what you believe is wrong;
No! I am right — I know best.
Guilt, guilt — you don’t know you — only I do!
Here — Here! Take this
You asked for help but now refuse the cure?
You are sick; death approaches — nearer, closer now.
No alternatives will be given.
You need what I’m providing.
Give up on me?
Give up on yourself!

This poem has a deep personal meaning for me.

I am emotional, I am erratic, I am living chaos… for many. This is because I have Bipolar Disorder, and while I can take medication for this disorder I have chosen not to comply.

This choice has led many to be very upset with me and even to use the “You must take [insert name] for me to help you with discussing your life challenge.”

Bipolar is a blessing and a curse, but it is mine and mine alone. I take responsibility for the disorder and the repercussions. Most importantly, I stand by the personal choice I have made.

— — — Sources — —

Messina, P. M. (2017, November 30). two oval white medications on brown surface [Photograph]. Unsplash. https://unsplash.com/photos/7xs6ugHUQ_w



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