An Open Letter to My Digital Stalker

To my general audience, this letter is not for you. Please disregard this open letter.

To my digital stalker:

While I understand you are having issues in your own life, we are not connected nor are we friends. You are unhealthy and need some assistance from your community and support services.

Though you feel we have some sort of connection, we are not connected nor do I plan to share any of my personal information that you have requested from me, repeatedly.

More importantly, you are scaring me and making me feel very uncomfortable. Please stop all the digital stalking you are doing on all my artistic accounts. These accounts are used and will be used for artistic means only.

To answer your repeated requests of me:

- No, I will not share with you my personal phone number.
- No, I will not share with you my personal email.
- No, I will not share with you my home or work address.
- No, I will not talk with you on the phone or meet with you digitally.

Again, while you assume we have some sort of connection please let me make this very clear — we do not have any spiritual, physical, or communal connections.

Additionally, I have kept every chat log that you have sent me through the various accounts and I am keeping a historical record. Too, I will contact the authorities in your local area if necessary to facilitate this required communication if you do not leave me alone.

Please, get assistance for your needs; but be aware, I am not that assistance.



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Moony Thinker


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