Breakfast Time

by Moony Thinker

Moony Thinker
2 min readJul 11, 2023
A person is shown with just their two hands. One hand is grasping a whisk and whisking the eggs in a clear glass bowl while the other hand is grasping the side of the bowl for stability. There is a small six space cardboard carton in front of the bowl with six open, cracked eggs.
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Good morning,
It is breakfast time.
Let’s start our day
With something simple;
Something simple is nice.
Like eggs and toasts.

It is not really important
How the bread is buttered
Or if the eggs are brown or white.
Simple; that’s all.
That’s nice.

But now —
It’s time to cook,
So we cook.
Though sometimes
This part is… not so simple;
Such as the beginning was.

We crack our eggs
Upon the pan —
But sometimes…
We break the yolks
And burn a toast or two.
However, the worst
Is when we leave a shell
Inside our cooked eggs.
Now our breakfast is… crunchy.

As we finish up,
Our work completed,
Resting now upon our plate,
We hope that the results are good.
We hope.

Even though others
Might not enjoy
What is prepared
It is yours, your cooking…
And —
It is all about the experience.
At least that is what the other
More superior cooks
Have told me.

But I wouldn’t know…
I still burn my toasts,
Chomp down on crunchy eggs,
And regularly singe my fingers
Upon the pan.

— The Why —

When my ever so kind Muse introduces a new inspiration to me, the full thought is so elegant and spectacular. It is simple, smooth, and sweet.

Then I get a hold it.

My ability to flow without trying to shape the narrative is never as elegant. While some works get close to the initial inspiration, others become mashed up and broken.

So, when I get a hold of the ingredients my Muse has provided me, I try my best but tend to make more scrambled eggs than elegant sunny-side-ups. Also, I tend to burn myself more often than not.

But, I guess that is part of the experience, right?

Be well, my friends.

— MT

— Music Tea —

This poems recommended music tea is:

Title: No More Worries: Breaking Free from Stress and Negativity — Feel Good Music

By: Brainwave Music



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