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Interview with Fine Artist — Ben Kator

Moony Thinker
2 min readMar 21, 2022
Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Dreaming While Awake: Where Moony Interviews Artists About Their Art, Development, and Being a Human

My friends!

In this recent Dreaming While Awake, I had a trip through the experience in fine arts provided by the Fine Artist Ben Kator!

Ben is a unique fine artist who is skilled in various artistic mediums; ranging from line drawings, portraits, and painting in the abstract. To each piece that Ben brings forth, he applies a level of professionalism others envy. The color association, lighting, shading, and emotional depth in each piece are overwhelming for an observer. He can accomplish this because Ben does not just create art — he is applying himself in each piece.

In addition to Ben’s amazing skills, he is also a gallery manager for The Blockchain Gallery in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At this gallery, visitors can check out Ben’s art as well as other art being presented.

Below, you can have a close-up look at some of Ben’s own creations.

Works by Fine Artists — Ben Kator:

Images provided by Ben Kator

For more ways to connect and work with Ben Kator, you can find multiple options in the video’s description.

Be well, my friend.


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