Dreaming While Awake

Interview with Fine Artist — Ben Kator

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

Dreaming While Awake: Where Moony Interviews Artists About Their Art, Development, and Being a Human

Works by Fine Artists — Ben Kator:

Images provided by Ben Kator

Moony's Poems

34 stories
A woman is turned away from the camera with her right shoulder written upon in black paint stating, “Love shouldn’t hurt”. This image is exactly the point of this observational made poem.
A man, sitting in an office cubicle-high-wall corner plastered across his face and all around him by sticky notes. Each note has a symbol (such as money sign) or reminder word like eat and sleep. This is the true little death to our existence… the office.

Moony's Blogs

19 stories
An image of a spinning amusement ride, circle shaped, flowing around in a circle on the side of use. The aperture is slowed to allow the colors of the ride to blend and bleed in the circle motion. The colors are various and multiple to emphasis use within this philosophy blog post.
Lego storm trooper walking in sand, followed behind by his little lego foot prints. He’s without a weapon, just walking in the sand to nowhere particular.
A neon, tube lettering sign which reads “Say it louder”

Motivation Series

5 stories
A collection of natural images such as the ground of a forest, desert extending higher through the natural layers of our existence (moving through the trees, to the mountains, sky, then stars) showing our place in this reality of current.
A collage with different pieces added focusing on the discipline of a person and why discipline is the importance to achieving anything great.

Dreaming While Awake

8 stories



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