Dreaming While Awake

Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash

Dreaming While Awake: Where Moony Interviews Artists About Their Art, Development, and Being a Human

My friends!

In the recent Dreaming While Awake, I had the great pleasure to meet with the prolific and thought-provoking Medium Top Poet — M.T. Pariti!

This was a great interview where we learn about M.T.’s poetry focuses, development, challenges, and how he has overcome his life’s unique roadblocks.

Additionally, M.T. debuted his new poem “Phantom Limbs” which can be found here for reading on Medium — in the interview!

For ways to connect and learn from M.T. Pariti, you can find multiple options to connect in the video’s description or find him directly here, on Medium M.T. Pariti!

Be well, my friend.


For those interested in joining a Dreaming While Awake (DWA) interview, please feel free to reach out to Moony via one of the links provided in his LinkTree.



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