Dreaming While Awake: Interview with Des M. Astor

Moony Thinker
1 min readFeb 20, 2022


Blood red, full moon with a black background.
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Hey there my Medium friends!

I am thrilled to share a new artist interview that has been posted to myMoon Station page on YouTube.

Have a look, and connect with this awesome indie book author named Des M. Astor!

Be well, my friends!

— MT

Dreaming While Awake: Interview with Des M. Astor

Hey my friends!

I am starting another art project. This one is focusing on artists of all kinds where I interview them. I plan to make a series of these interviews and to call them collectively Dreaming While Awake. The point of these interviews is to better understand the artist’s focus, discipline methods, hopes, dreams, projects, and what they are moving towards.

For those interested, please reach out to me through one of my various connections shared in my LinkTree down below!


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