Hi, I’m MoonyThinker; It’s Nice to Meet You.

Moony Thinker
4 min readDec 21, 2021
Glass window with text “What is your story” in neon blue lights in the middle of the window. Good question…
Photo by Etienne Girardet on Unsplash

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, and it’s a pleasure to meet you.

Hello, I’m Moony Thinker, and I write that name by the way of MoonyThinker or Moony Thinker.

While this is not my true name, I use the name Moony Thinker because I prefer to keep my true name private. There are those who feel confident and comfortable with sharing their true name, image, and identity; these, though, are people who I admire because they have much stronger confidence in themselves than myself.

The meaning for the pseudonym, Moony Thinker, is a sort of play on words. I believe that to have pure open creativity, one must be able to step back far enough to see the whole picture and take it all in. So, what better place to observe my own and other people’s daily lives than from the Moon looking down at the whole of Earth?

For me, my creative outlet is found in creative writing with favor towards poetry. Though I have made a few stabs at short stories, I have not worked hard enough to develop this area, as of yet. Too, while not as magical for me as writing poems or short stories, I do enjoy writing blogs/essays. Above all, my goal long term is to find a healthy balance between poetry, short stories, and blogging.

While I have been writing for a number of years, I have never stayed consistent enough to become fully developed in any of the three creative areas of writing. This derailment has regularly been due to both my lack of self-confidence and my Bipolar Disorder creating concentration distractions. However, like with any passion, we all tend to find our way back. So, I have enough confidence to be assured that writing will forever be a figure of importance in my life no matter how many times I get distracted or lose confidence in my self-worth.

Another little fun share of myself; I have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) at least eight times since I was fifteen, and each time I have gotten the same score: INFP-T. While very hardcore MBTI people will share that the score will always be this way throughout one’s life, I’m not so linear in my belief about people’s personalities. Rather, I subscribe to the belief that people’s personalities are influenced by life events, maturity of their thinking, and present time of day.

However, with those justifications shared about other people, I find it really ironic that mine has stayed so stable. What do I know, though…

To wrap this up, I come to Medium looking to try out a new venue for my writing, to explore the other reaches of the internet with brilliant minds who share their work and ideas, and to hopefully gain some new friendships and connections along the way. In the end, my hope is that what I provide to the community here is not just great for reading but connects with you, as well.

I hope you all the best, you are all amazing human beings, and let’s see what we create.

“Find freedom on this canvas.” (Bob Ross)

Be well, my friends.

— MT

— Extra —

Hey my friends!

I am starting another art project. This one is focusing on artists of all kinds where I interview them. I plan to make a series of these interviews and to call them collectively Dreaming While Awake. The point of these interviews is to better understand the artist’s focus, discipline methods, hopes, dreams, projects, and what they are moving towards.

For those interested, please reach out to me through one of my various connections shared in my LinkTree down below!


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Porcelan doll face that is cracked and looking down and with the closed mouth, looking scared.

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— Sources —

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