Nap Time

Blue and white casing pills within a see through, white capped, small, plastic bottle.
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There they are;
Here I am.
An arm’s reach — that’s it;
That is all that separates us.
But, they don’t even pretend to notice me;
Over here, sitting while my feet shift about.
The only anxious one here.

I attempt to look calm, relaxed —
But I am vibrating on the inside.

Like a cat behind tall grass, stalking its prey
— I dare not blink!
For I fear, they might disappear if I do.
Then, my only hope — my only chance
Would — poof — vanish.

Everything itches; everywhere’s sweaty.
My chest caves while the screams rally within.
An arm’s reach away — that’s all… that’s it.
I have the power; yet, I am powerless.

Will they take me, as they have before?
Those times together when we drift off into the night
Guided through the darkness by their cure.
Those were great times,
But… can they still happen again?
Those times when the shades are pulled over my eyes
Yet the colors seen so vibrant, so alive.

But, here I am; playing the polite-desperate fool.
Not wanting to make the first move;
Not wanting to be brash, too expecting, too… handsy.
Can I, though? Even handle them as I once had.

Look at them; over there…
There can’t be too many, I am sure.
Perhaps a handful at best;
But, more than enough to do the job.

Fuck it! Why be so funny about this relationship?
They’ve never held any false beliefs about it.
Hell, they go to anyone.
Anyone who wants them.
And I — I want them! I want them now!

It’s easy, it’s all so damn easy;
It always had been before and it would be now.
Right or left, they have no preference.
Just grab the bottle and pour those little blue candies out.

Go, grab it — grab them.
Your stalling, I am stalling —
Why are we stalling?!
What’s to consider, you fool!
Just go!

In a line:
One, two, three… six, seven, — ten!
I have ten, but only need two
Right now, that’s all… just two.

Pop, pop — down they go.
Dive, dive!” A voice in my head shouts.
Splash, splash — they fall into my belly.
Down, going down…” The voice announces.

Head upon the pillow:
I go,
They go —
We go.
Together —
Connected and binding.

Behind the shades
The light show
Is soon to begin…

This poem has evolved much from its initial beginning. However, the overall point has stayed consistent: addiction is a tragic experience that many in the world are gripped by. These people can be family, friends, co-workers, or… anyone.

While they are gripped by these black tendrils upon their hearts and mind, we should not turn our backs to them or see them as drains upon our society; who will only soon arrive in a jail where they are best kept secret.

Rather, it is our responsibility as a community to help our fellows in need. Turning our backs on them won’t assist them and it will not help us build a better community. You do not need to be the hand they reach for but you can help those who have open hands connect with them.


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Image: Blue and white tablet in container. (2016, December 16). [Photograph].




Writer, poet, blogger, promoter of fellow artists, and drinking a healthy 32 cups of coffee per day! INFP — T (AF!); Chaotic Neutral FTW!

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Moony Thinker

Moony Thinker

Writer, poet, blogger, promoter of fellow artists, and drinking a healthy 32 cups of coffee per day! INFP — T (AF!); Chaotic Neutral FTW!

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