Oops Happen…

Moony Thinker
2 min readDec 30, 2021


White arm chair, loveseat sitting in an abandon building with two vaulted windows. Blue sky shaded room, paint peeling, and flooring is degraded.
Photo by Yener Ozturk on Unsplash

A jingle at the door.
They are fumbling
With the lock.
Their key
Doesn’t work.

Wrong key,
I think,
As they keep on
With the lock.

I was on the couch
When they began
Their pursuit
Into my home.
Not theirs —

As the door opens
I hear,
“You got the right place,

“Of course I do —

Goes my shotgun.

Worse surprise-party

The inspiration for this poem came at me fast after reading some of Bukowski’s poems, one a late evening. During my reading, I could not help but admire that he tended to incorporate both dialogue and dark humor into many of his works; something I had noticed I lacked in trying within my works.

Upon closing the book, my mind started to piece together some of the parts that I admired most, what my worse fear would be in my home while I sat there in the dark, and then *BANG* it all came together.

While my poem is both brief and sharp, I hope that the reader understands the more deeper meaning. That being, we should all respect the inner and external boundaries of ourself and of others. Most importantly, that if we do not, we might receive an answer to this intrusive call which we weren’t expecting.

Overall, I hope this poem would have made Bukowski laugh and be proud.


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Ozturk, Y. O. (2018, March 18). White Padded Armchair Near Glass Window [Photograph]. https://unsplash.com/photos/_u3rMKylNdQ



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