They Came With Smiles And Dangerous Pens

A poem by Moony Thinker

Moony Thinker
2 min readJan 17, 2024
A historical picture of a meeting of top global leaders, removed and bleached of the pictures natural colors; inserted in is Sponge Bob with his normal coloring but a little more deep yellow. All in the pictures have halos above their heads. The leaders look tense, with former Prime Minster, Angela Merkel leaning forward upon the table while Fmr. President Trump has his arms folded across his chest.
Photo by diana kereselidze on Unsplash

When They arrive
It will be with
Confetti and balloons,
Smiles and cheer
Upon Their faces and of those
In the crowd; the faces of many.

Though as the days move on,
The many will return to their homes
While They disappear back into Their towers.

The smiles are no more;
The cheer now but a memory.
The once happiness felt
Forgotten and replaced
With nightmarish fears of foreigners
And of the neighbors.

While They promised we would be:
Freer, safer, and more secure;
In truth, we find
We are at odds even more
With one another and everyone else;
But never with
These charlatans —
Our silver-tongued protectors.

The fields have been sown with Their dark seeds;
Blossoming into rotten fruit for us to eat.
As the sheep return back to their pens
The Owners remain in control
As before, never a real change;
Just temporary illusions of something
Better. It will be better
Next time.
The many will continue

— The Why —

At times, I too become mystified by the sweet nectar leaked from the voices which sew hope for the future into my mind and heart. Though, these are hoaxes gifted by charlatans. Their goals were never to provide true relief or solutions; just empty promises without merit.

Over and over again, we will repeat this penned in existence. Many will never leave the farm while others might strive out on their own but end up returning. Do not feel guilty; independence is easier a belief than a reality.

Just remember: your obedience is most preferred and your obstruction will be dealt with swiftly. Smile and nod; smile and nod. Anything else will be seen as independent thought, and that is not helpful for Their agenda.

As George Carlin once shared,

“The government doesn’t lie, it engages in disinformation.“

Be well, my friends.

— MT

This poem was created as a thank you to my good friend, Philip; who without, I would never have been awaken to the truth of societal management.

— Music Tea —

This poems recommended music tea is:

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